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February 2019 Newsletter


Our mission: 

To Provide People with the Healthiest Choice of Food Products by using Environmentally

Sound and Humane Practices   

                     With spring just around the corner Lost Ash Ridge Farm has much to do! 

                                   But first let me tell you what we currently have for sale.

The best tasting 

* Eggs- Large--$4.00 dz  Small/Medium--$3.00 dz 

* Berkshire Pork - Pork chops,Boston Butt Roast, Ribs, Hams, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage links,                                     Breakfast & Italian Sausage

          This year we are looking to offer a verity of garden vegetables, eggs, pork, vegetable and flower plants, hanging baskets, broiler chickens, turkeys, cut flowers & crafts 

                 February has much for us to in this cold month and with Bobby having knee surgery this month we are pushed to get it done before then. The Greenhouse is almost completed which means this year the garden can get a much earlier start. So much will be offered with a number of potted plants that will be started this month such as:

Vegetables plants: banana peppers   green peppers   jalapeno peppers   tappy’s tomato   mortgage                                  lifter tomato  amish paste tomato   eggplant 

Herb plants:           rosemary   oregano   basil   spearmint   sage   marjoram   parsley   chives   dill                                 cilantro thyme 

Flower plants:        Some as transplants, some as hanging baskets or both

                                marigold   petunia   bachelor’s button   black-eyed susan vine   pansies                                 cockscomb

          We will also be planning for our garden which will consist of chemical free all-natural heritage vegetables such as:

cucumbers   squash   zucchini   banana, green, jalapeno and pimento peppers   green beans

tomatoes   eggplant   cantaloupe   watermelon   pumpkin   broccoli   potatoes

         This month we also need to build a chicken roost on the hay wagon that will house at least 100 broiler chickens that will be pastured raised and rotated to new areas daily. Following a few days behind the cows will help keep the flies and other pests in control that can bring disease and discomfort to our Galloway cattle. 

        By the middle of this month Orchard and Red Clover seed should be sown in the pastures. We also have pig shelters that needs to be built next to the pond and the egg layers need their yard seeded.

         As you can see MUCH to do!! With the help of family and friends, which we are so grateful for, 

we’ll have a shot at this long list of projects for the month.

          We are looking to join a Farmer’s Market in the Louisville area this year along with possibly adding free delivery a couple times a week

                                                         Thanks for your support!

                                                      Hope to hear from you soon!!

Bobby and Jennifer Anderson

Lost Ash Ridge Farm