Heritage Livestock: Galloway Cattle, Berkshire Pigs & Chickens


Heritage Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire pigs to us are simply the best tasting pork, from the thick slabs of bacon to the finest chops  you can find. Berkshire pork has a hearty flavor, deep rich color with perfect marbling for all dinner, cookout and family occasions.

We chose this breed of pigs to raise for several reasons with foremost being the quality of pork. They perform excellent in woodland and pasture settings. A very docile and friendly animal, these are a wonderful addition to our farm. 

Here at Lost Ash Ridge Farm we raise our pigs in the most humane and natural  way possible. Their settings are from woodlands to open areas with their own pond to wallar in at will. Exces vegetables from our chemical free garden are their favorites. Diet is supplemented with NON-GMO feed from Bagdad Roller Mills.  Rotational grazing and foraging is vital to their diet, this enables them to access fresh grass and roots to chew on.

Berkshire Pork: Simply the Best!

Raised out doors

Humanely handled

Supplemented with NON-GMO feed

We sell whole hogs by the live weight

Next processing date: October 3, 2018

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