Heritage Livestock: Galloway Cattle, Berkshire Pigs & Chickens


Heritage Galloway Beef Cattle

We are raising breeding stock of true full blooded Galloway cattle. 

Galloway is a beef cattle originating from Scotland in a region called Galloway. They are one of the world’s oldest breeds. They have a thick double coat of wavy hair that keeps them warm in the winter which means less fat on their outer bodies that would otherwise be wasted when butchered. The fat they do put on is in the even marbling of their meat which is achieved on grass only! Their beef is juicy, tender and flavorful.  We also favor them for their great calving and mothering abilities and their docile nature. Galloway cattle are long lived with cows producing into their teens and longer.

We started out with two black heifers and have since added 4 black and 1 red cow and one black bull. 

They are raised on pasture and hay only. 100% grass fed. We use rotational grazing to allow pastures time to regenerate and giving cattle fresh areas to eat. We do not give them antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. 

We are seeking to learn how to tan their hides, which would make a beautiful rug, and hope to be able to offer them for sale one day.


When looking for the BEST

Look for Galloway Beef

Results of a German Study

First in Marbling

First in Taste

First in Juciness

First in Tenderness

All achieved on grass only!!!!

100% grass fed

Humanely treated