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Galloway Cattle, Berkshire Pigs Chickens   

No Antibiotics  

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Most made from wood on the farm


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No Pesticides  

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About Us

Welcome to Lost Ash Ridge Farm


We are a middle-aged husband and wife team who grew up loving nature. I got my love of the rural setting from my aunt and uncle who own a farm in Hart County and with whom I spent most of my summers in my younger years. My husband has fond memories of his great-grandparents, Ellis and Hannah Belle (Burkhart) Anderson's farm  located off Fern Creek Road in Fern Creek KY and Great uncle and aunt, Earl and Ruth Jane Hornbeck who farmed the old Hornbeck farm off Seatonville Rd in Fern Creek, KY.

In the late 1990’s we finally found the piece of land we had dreamt of, mostly wooded property. As time went by we added to our holdings ending up with 40 acres. To our sad realization, the emerald ash bore had changed our property's look forever, as 90% of the trees here were Ash. So, after many years of working in the construction industry as a self-employed roofing contractor, we decided to give farming a try. 

We researched different breeds of animals and decided heritage breeds were the way to go. Helping to preserve old breeds that tend to need less inputs from the farmer. They may not grow as fast but produce wonderfully and have healthier qualities. We wanted our animals to live as natural life as possible and heritage breeds have proven to be perfect for that. NO feed lots here!!!

We started out with two heritage Galloway heifers and 8 heritage Ancona Chickens. We have since added 5 full blooded Galloway cows and one full blooded Galloway bull, 46 heritage chickens and 5 heritage Berkshire pigs. 

Our Galloway cattle are 100% grass feed with no antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. Chickens and pigs forage during the day and are supplemented with NON-GMO feed from a local feed mill. We do not give them antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. They are raised on land that is pesticide and herbicide free. What drives us is providing our family and customers with a healthy and  tasty product that they can feel good about eating. When time allows, we  make wood crafts from trees here on the farm.

Life is NEVER boring on the farm!

Family owned and operated


To provide people with the healthiest choice of food products by using environmentally sound and humane practices.

Bob & Jennifer

Life on the Farm


Heritage Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire pigs to us are simply the best tasting pork, from the thick slabs of bacon to the finest chops  you can find. Berkshire pork has a hearty flavor, deep rich color with perfect marbling for all dinner, cookout and family occasions.

We chose this breed of pigs to raise for several reasons with foremost being the quality of pork. They perform excellent in woodland and pasture settings. A very docile and friendly animal, these are a wonderful addition to our farm. 

Here at Lost Ash Ridge Farm we raise our pigs in the most humane and natural  way possible. Their settings are from woodlands to open areas with their own pond to wallar in at will. Exces vegetables from our chemical free garden are their favorites. Diet is supplemented with NON-GMO feed from Bagdad Roller Mills.  Rotational grazing and foraging is vital to their diet, this enables them to access fresh grass and roots to chew on.

Berkshire Pork: Simply the Best!

Raised out doors

Humanely handled

Supplemented with NON-GMO feed

We sell whole hogs by the live weight

Next processing date: October 3, 2018

Contact Jennifer at 502-817-5519


Heritage Chicken Breeds

About our chickens


We raise heritage dual purpose chickens that lay a range of colored eggs. Our flock is 50 strong. We started our flock with Ancona but have since added Buff Orpington, Dominique, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Red Blue Laced Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, Black Astralorp, Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana and “one exotic chick”. Waiting to see what that one turns out to be! 

We currently have one rooster that we hope will help our flock grow naturally. Best of intentions….we’ll see!!

They are housed in a coop with an attached run. Each morning they are let out of the run and each evening they are locked up. Keeping them safe from raccoon, coyote, opossum and other predators that would just love to get to our birds. During the day they forage, scratch, peck and sunbath in their fenced in yard.

They are supplemented with NON-GMO feed from a local feed mill. We do not give them antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. 

Nothing beats a farm fresh egg!! From the yoke color and fluffiness to the flavor and nutritional value.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Naturally raised chicken eggs. For sale by the dozen. Contact us at 502-817-5519


Heritage Galloway Beef Cattle

We are raising breeding stock of true full blooded Galloway cattle. 

Galloway is a beef cattle originating from Scotland in a region called Galloway. They are one of the world’s oldest breeds. They have a thick double coat of wavy hair that keeps them warm in the winter which means less fat on their outer bodies that would otherwise be wasted when butchered. The fat they do put on is in the even marbling of their meat which is achieved on grass only! Their beef is juicy, tender and flavorful.  We also favor them for their great calving and mothering abilities and their docile nature. Galloway cattle are long lived with cows producing into their teens and longer.

We started out with two black heifers and have since added 4 black and 1 red cow and one black bull, all having great genetics. The newest cows came bred by an Aberdeen bull making their calves half Galloway and half Aberdeen. We will have 5 half breed calves ready to sell in February 2019. Once these calves are gone all cattle from there will be full blooded Galloway. Just a little glitch in our plans but was worth it to get these quality cows.

They are raised on pasture and hay only. 100% grass fed. We use rotational grazing to allow pastures time to regenerate and giving cattle fresh areas to eat. We do not give them antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. 

We are seeking to learn how to tan their hides, which would make a beautiful rug, and hope to be able to offer them for sale one day.


When looking for the BEST

Look for Galloway Beef

Results of a German Study

First in Marbling

First in Taste

First in Juciness

First in Tenderness

All achieved on grass only!!!!

100% grass fed

Humanely treated

 Currently for sale:

4 half Galloway, half Aberdeen calves

They will be weaned December 2018 and ready for purchase January/February 2019

Contact us for more info:502-817-5519


Naturally Grown Vegetables

We grow our vegetables without pesticides or herbices which means bugs usually get more food then we do!! Raising vegetables in this way is labor intensive but  well worth the effort knowing that the food we eat and sell is as health and delicious as possible. We start our own plants from heritage or heirloom seeds purchased from Seed Savers or Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Once transplanted to the garden it is all up to mother nature to provide everything the plants need, soil, sun light and rain. We hoe the weeds and hand pick  the bugs. We are looking into organic methods of bug control as this season was a whopper for bugs! Hoping adding birdhouses that we make will go a long way towards control.

2018 Vegeable season



Summer Squash

Pole Beans

Banana Peppers

Red Peppers

Green Peppers 

Jalapeno Peppers

Pimento Peppers



Birdhouse Gourds











Hand made crafts

When time allows and my hands don't hurt, I like to see where my creative bone leads me. With the help of my husband, the chainsaw/saw operator, I use as much material from here on the farm or other local farms as possible. The Emerald Ash Bore has provided me with an abundance of wood to work with! Check back to see what is new for this holiday season.


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